Sound of Silence


I am probably going to date myself here, but I am not always a huge fan of social media. I have grown so tired of the way people use places like Facebook to bully and berate othersĀ  because they think, feel or believe differently than others. I will say, though, that amongst the cute baby animal pictures and inspirational quotes I have found wonderful performances of music that have changed the way I hear pieces of music I have known for nearly my entire life.

Such a thing occurred recently when I saw a YouTube of a performance of one of my favorite songs, Sounds of SilenceĀ  by the heavy metal band Disturbed.

I had no idea what to expect. I know that as musicians, this band likely has musical insight and depth than what the general public is typically exposed to but this is one of the staple songs of my childhood! Was this heavy metal band going to destroy this folk song for me forever?

Far from it.

The dark, ominous tone of David Draiman’s voice at the beginning of the song and the power and angst I heard in his voice and instrumentation at the peak of the songs musical arc opened my mind and heart to new understanding of this classic song.

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