Hi! I’m Allison – welcome to my blog! I started this blog in 2016 because I felt like I had something unique to add to the conversations about faith, mental health, and the challenges of being single and…ahhhh….middle-aged.

I have been writing since early elementary school. I always had a story to tell and way to tell that story that seemed to capture people’s attention. Through starts and stops on various fiction projects, I finally found that my musings on life in general seemed to be what was most fulfilling for me and resonated with my readers. I hope you feel my words resonate with you and you will come back frequently to read, message me, and engage with others. Maybe in so doing, we can create a unique online community that fills a gap in our lives.

I work hard to not make any assumptions about my readers. We all have history, good and bad, that contributes to the way we look at things. What I try to do here is provide my own unique perspective that has been carved out from a life full of challenges and celebrations. 

I can virtually assure you there will be things I say that will challenge – and maybe even shock –  you and to be honest, that is the goal. I want this to be a place we can look at lif, faith, love and all of the mess that comes with those things together and offer enough grace for shouting, crying and even wading self-pity.

If you have an opinion about what I’ve said, I would love to hear it. Send me a message and let’s have an open dialogue about your thoughts and feelings about the topic or my take on it. 

I am a Colorado girl born and bred, though I’ve wandered a bit throuth the years. I am a singer, actress, animal lover, avid reader and, as you will find, an unusually opinionated individual. My thoughts make you uncomfortable! Excellent! Then I’m doing my job. New here? Take a walk through the archives. Have a topic you want to discuss? Send me a message and let’s start the conversation.

Whatever your purpose for stopping by, I am blessed you gave me a few minutes of your time. I hope you can sit back and enjoy my meandersings. 


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